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Stanley Glas Mold uses Glass substrates that are produced and supplied by Taiwan Glass Industry Corp. one of the largest glassmakers in the world to achieve the higher quality surface and thickness standards demanded by the the acrylic casting industry.It can be purchased in a range of different finishes to provide a variety of cast acrylic sheet surface finishes.


Clear glass provides the high gloss finish for cast acrylic sheets.  It is available in toughened or annealed form and can be purchased in thicknesses of 10 or 12mm.  Enquiries for other thicknesses will be considered.


Max Size

Min Size

5mm~8mm 1200mm×2400mm 700mm×700mm




Matt (Asid):

Acid etched glass is used to produce matt acrylic sheet. 


Max Size

Min Size




SGM provides diamond petterns avaliable in 10mm thickness.


Max Size

Min Size




Features and Applications

The Acrylics Glass Mold plays important role in Acrylic Factory.
It goes without saying a high quality of glass mold can produce good quality acylic sheet.
Because of the great flatness of Stanley Glass Mold, MMA saving can be realized.

SGM is used in the process of casting acrylic sheets by the majority of the world's leading acrylic casting companies. T here are a variety of applications that contain cast acrylic sheet.

-Signage -Furniture -Lampshade -Automobile -Point of Sale Displays
-PC case. -Light Box -Aerospace -LCD Screen -Sanitary Ware e.g. Baths

SGM- 10 Characters.
Flatness: quality could be ensured by unique production method of two-way flatness control.
Smooth:treated by our own developed multi-section cutting process which can make smooth surface.
Pre-preparation is unnecessary.
Paring is unnecessary as we use high technology and special designed computer software integrating with various measuring devices.
No glass wave: suitable for acrylic mirror glass.
Consistent production process.
Four sides round edging work can reduce the damage to glass mold.

Heat soak test provides longer service life. (Additional charge)

Vertical-suspended tempering process, average stress above 10000 psi. the allowable bow of the glass mold is controlled within 0.1% to ensure ideal flatness.
Interacting customer service.



By specially designed computer software, Stanley Glass Mold is able to produce glasses to stricter tolerances,also offers our customers convenience without pre-preparation our customers can use glass mold as soon as glass molds arrive and aided glass can be supplied already paired into cells thus alleviating the need for glass sorting by the caster.

Strict quality inspection, computerized system measurement for the glass mold paring. Through inspector hand check can ensure ideal paring quality, also provide a competetive product to the acrylic sacting industry.


Stanley Glass Mold’s innovative and progressing production ability provides acrylic casting industry a high quality, well-paired product. Repeatedly inspected at all stages during the production process,  ensuring the highest quality product. With a consistent production line to ensure best quality for our customers.

Surface quality is continually inspected to produce a high quality surface finish with minimal blemishes, to meet the exacting demands of the cast acrylic customers.
Edge finish has been specifically profiled to reduce the risk of breakage due to mechanical impact during the casting process.
Thickness tolerance is carefully monitored to give a tight thickness variation.
-10mm SGM Clear +/- 0.15mm max
-12mm SGM Clear +/- 0.20mm max
Wedge - This is the maximum difference between any two thickness points taken around the edge of the glass.
- 10mm SGM Clear not to exceed 0.15mm
- 12mm SGM Clear not to exceed 0.20mm


We pride ourselves not only on the high quality of the products we sell to our customers, but also on the high quality of service we offer.Buying from SGM ensures the complete service will be provided. 

  • A wide range of glass types
  • Well-paired Glass provides convenience
  • After Sales Service
  • More than 50 years Glass Manufacturing knowledge
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Understanding of the acrylic casting process
  • Research and Development capabilities


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